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Article Link: Jacoby Jones, Baltimore Ravens...
Description: See below
Overall Sentiment (0=negative, 100=positive): 25.03
Emotion Analysis Data:
Happiness: ** (dominant emotion)

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MostViral.News is a website which finds the most viral news story of the day by examining how news articles spread across and within different social networks. News headlines are sourced from over 50k publishers including virtually all of those used by Google News. automatically captures the top world news headlines, after which a "virality score" for each headline is then calculated to determine which is spreading fastest. The results are displayed prominently at the top of this page. After identifying the most viral news article, it is then run through AI-based natural language processing algorithms to determine things like its overall sentiment and the emotions evoked. In this case, 6 emotion scores (0-100) are returned, which are not mutually exclusive. This is because humans experience multiple emotions simultaneously, as can be seen from the simple sentence, "I am happy about X, but sad about Y." In this case, both happiness and sadness are evoked. Additionally, we use the article's description to produce an AI-generated image, shown alongside the article's official image. This website automatically updates just after 6 PM CST, so if you are awaiting today's data but the last updated date is yesterday, try refreshing the page after 6 PM CST.

Official Article Image

This is an official image that accompanies the most viral news article of the day if it exists.

AI-Generated Article Image

This is an image generated by AI using the article description: Jacoby Jones, former wide receiver and kick return specialist for the Baltimore Ravens, has died.

Technical Info

MostViral.News works by calculating a virality score for the popular headlines of the day among world news, not only retricted to the US, though news articles must be English for MostViral.News to work properly. We retrieve headlines in an automated fashion on a daily basis. To accomplish this, headlines are scanned daily from 6 AM - 6 PM CST. A virality score is then calculated for each of these headlines. The way we define "virality" is how fast an article's reach (audience) grows. Obviously, "likes", "shares", and "comments" all need to be taken into account, but weighted differently. A "like" represents the least amount of effort from a user, and thus indicates the lowest level of engagement. A "comment" on the other hand, most definitely indicates active engagement from the user. A "share" is weighted highest because it actually increases the potential reach/audience. Domain Authority is a metric (0-100) developed by that describes how successful a domain is in search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings indicate more popular sites as search engine rankings are based on the number of backlinks. Thus, to calculate the reach of a given article, its domain authority must also be taken into account. This leads to the following simple formula, where R is reach and A the relevant article:

R = ADomain_Authority * (ALikes + 1.25*AComments + 1.5*AShares)

It is then simple to formularize virality as shown below, where V = virality and t = time:

V = ΔR / t

This insures that all 3 possible interactions are weighted differently, along with the fact that domain authority is taken account. This guarantees that an article from an extremely popular news site will be weighted significantly higher than an individual's blog, for example. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible for an article from a lower trafficked site to become the most viral article of the day. This is because domain authority has a maximum value of 100. For example, sites like (which has a domain authority of 94) receive far more than 10 times the traffic of those with a domain authority of 0-10. The factor by which a site's audience is taken into account thus has an upper bound. Thus, while a personal blog might only receive a few hundred daily hits, it is still possible (though not easy) for an article published theirein to overtake an article from, even though the latter might receive millions of hits. If we simply used average daily traffic as a multiplier rather than domain authority, this would effectively become impossible. Additionally, this package is written in a modular fashion, so most any of the parts can be easily customized. The social networks that are currently searched are Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit. The Stable Diffusion AI model is used to generate an image for the article. It is displayed alongside the article's official image.

Note that this is still a simplification of the problem. It does not take into account that actions from one user might contribute to the article's reach more than another. For example, sharing a link to a user that has a large number of "friends" or "followers" would increase the reach of an article more than sharing a link to a user with a relatively small number of "friends"/"followers". This will likely be addressed in a future version.


REST API access is available for developers or organizations that would like to incorporate our data into their own app. REST API access offers significantly more insight into the most viral news articles by making more data such as the actual virality scores for each article and the daily runners up available. Furthermore, NLP data for the runners up can also be queried and API users can request data for any available date (6/10/23 onwards), not just the current date. Pricing is determined according to usage (requests/month). For more information, please send an email to hi[at] that includes your intended usage of the API and your estimated bandwidth usage (in requests/month).

Customized Source Code

Source code to MostViral.News is also available to purchase for those interested in customizing this software package. It is written almost entirely in database-driven PHP and is thus extremely compatible across different OSes. Everything is written in a modular fashion, making it easy to customize the data sources as well as the social networks searched to determine reach. For example, it can be customized to find the most viral link of some other content that updates daily (think anything with an RSS feed). It can also be customized to search other social networks. For example, if the user has a subscription to Twitter's Premium API, results from Twitter could be easily added. An example of how the codebase can be modified for other purposes is shown at Video.MostViral.News - which tracks the most viral videos (according to how they're shared on the social networks specified above) from YouTube and Rumble. Using the standard MostViral.News codebase, the customized version was built in approximately an afternoon. Please feel free to send an email to hi[at] for more information.


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